Iqra 2018-12-19T18:15:16-05:00
 Fall 2019 CLASSES
SCHEDULEStarting August, 19 2019 
Class / CourseTeacher / Instructor LanguageDayTime
Know your GOD!H.I. Syed Hamza NaqviEnglishEvery Saturday11:30 am EST
What is Jurisprudence?H.I. Syed Mohsen RizviEnglishEvery Sunday11:30 am EST
Seerah of Ahl Al-Bait (a.s.)H.I. Syed Raza Rizvi
EnglishEvery Friday9:00 pm EST
Understanding QuranH.I. Sheikh Hasan AbbasEnglishEvery Wednesday9:00 pm EST

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